You know what Changemethod does. Now learn why we do what we do.

And the people who make it possible


Complicated theories, costly certifications and expensive consultants?

That got us thinking...

The change industry is cluttered with complicated theories, costly certifications and consultants whose fees climb as quickly as their timelines stretch. 

This leaves change managers on a continual hunt for a more effective approach.

That got us thinking: what if we could create something both straightforward and at the same time a secret edge for change managers? 

How often are you overwhelmed by complex theories when you just need to move your change project forward?

Ever wondered about the high cost of certifications that don’t match their value in real-world change?

Tired of handing over to third party consultants whose fees escalate without delivery timely or convincing results?

Collage of images depicting the development of Changemethod change management methodology at the British Library.


Transforming theory into practice.

The evolution of Changemethod.

Our journey began at the British Library where – with the support of their Business IP Research Centre – we undertook their largest review of change management models, best practices, frameworks and tools undertaken. 

From this rigorous research emerged a refined synthesis. Our approach was simple: combine proven strategies, eliminate redundancies, and enhance adaptability.

We pinpointed two critical failure points: the start, often blurred by undefined visions, and the end, marred by insufficient follow-through. Changemethod directly addresses these issues, ensuring projects launch with precision and conclude with quantifiable success


Globally trusted.

Universally proven.

Established in 2009, Changemethod has adapted continuously to the evolving demands of industries worldwide

Currently, over 10,000 practitioners across 62 countries harness our detailed methodology to orchestrate effective organizational transformations

Organizations such as NASA, CISCO, and Mastercard depend on our proven tools to facilitate successful and sustainable change initiatives.

Changemethod logo over a globe, symbolizing globally trusted change management methodology.


Behind Changemethod:

the vision and the people.

Founder's Vision

At the heart of Changemethod lies a clear purpose: to simplify the complexity of change management.

Founded by an ex-Accenture consultant with over 25 years of industry experience, Changemethod is built from real-world insights to foster impactful, lasting change across organizations.

Network of Contributors

Changemethod is not just a tool but a community. Developed in collaboration with ex Deloitte, EY, and KPMG change management consultants.

Continuously evolving with expert contributions

User Impact and Feedback

Our methodology is validated by over 10,000 change leaders worldwide, driving transformation in organizations like NASA and Mastercard.

User feedback is integral to our development process, ensuring that Changemethod remains at the forefront of practical, measurable change strategies.