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Change management methodology at your fingertips.

Dive into a comprehensive trove of resources designed not just to plan but to actively realize the benefits of your change initiatives.

From start to finish, each element empowers you to effectively manage and implement change across all project phases.

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Build best practices into everything you do to supercharge your change impact.

From setting clear objectives to measuring impactful results, our Best Practice Model provides a clear roadmap for your change initiatives, ensuring every step is purpose-driven and results-focused.

Dive into our structured approach that spans six key areas of best practice, each designed to enhance your capabilities at every phase of the change process.

Changemethod change management best practices model illustrating six key areas: shared change purpose, visible change leadership, smart engagement and communication, strong individual performance, supportive organization and culture, and meaningful change measurement.
Changemethod change management methodology triangle showing roles, processes, and deliverables.


Elevate your implementation: beyond frameworks and toolkits.

Our methodology goes beyond standard frameworks and toolkits, offering a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to practical change management.

Think of it as a detailed blueprint for complex transformations, meticulously aligning processes, roles and deliverables to ensure effective execution at every level.


Universal integration: mapping change to universal project standards.

Align your change initiatives with industry-standard project phases. 

Changemethod provides a clear, actionable path from opportunity assessment through to lasting benefits, ensuring each phase of your change project is optimized for success.

Changemethod change management methodology integrated with project phases: diagnose, design, develop, deliver, sustain.

Roadmap for change: your path to transformation

Unlock the full potential of your change initiatives with the Changemdthod Transformation Roadmap. From initial diagnosis to sustained delivery, our guide details every step, making complex transformations manageable and clear.

'Must-have toolkit'

This is the must-have toolkit for all those out there looking to make change happen and keep their sanity at the same time.”

– Robert Miller, Atkins Management Consultants.

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Changemethod is a comprehensive methodology for planning, delivering, and measuring successful change management programs.

Our methodology is used by change management practitioners, including analysts, managers, consultants, project managers and executive sponsors.

Changemethod provides proven change management best practices, process guides, tools and tools to streamline your change management projects, saving time and improving quality.

The Changemethod methodology includes 6 areas of change management best practice, 18 change management roles, 21 step-by-step change management processes and 100+ diagnostic, planning and implementation tools.

Simply purchase a licence, download the methodology, and start implementing our proven methodologies in your projects.