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Team Design

The Team Design deliverable describes the inter-relation of jobs within the context of an organization structure and the execution of business processes and related activity.  

The Team Design template is comprised of three parts:

  • Part 1 records the multiple team structure options in graphical organizational charts.
  • Part 2 determine how each of your designs would benefit the organization, and list any drawbacks each one may have. Together with key stakeholders, choose a final team structure for the organization.
  • Part 3 documents detailed information about your final team structure and profile.

Team Design should be:

  • created when the change programme requires current or new jobs to be (re)organized into teams.
  • created when you need to redesign the current team structures, based on the requirements of a new system.
  • shared with the employees to provide them with a clear expectation of how the teams will function.

Where used

Operational and transformational change programs


One per team

Team Design template