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Job Gap Analysis

The Job Gap Analysis template provides a mapping of current (as-is) to future (to-be) jobs together with a competency gap analysis. 

The job gap analysis template is divided into two parts:

  •  Part 1 is used to compare the to-be jobs with the as-is jobs in the organization. It consists of a matrix with the to-be jobs listed along the top row, and the as-is jobs listed along the left column, allowing you to mark intersections where the jobs match up. This template will help you determine if any of the as-is jobs will be eliminated or changed, or if new jobs will be added.
  • Part 2  of the template allows you to compare the competencies (skills, knowledge and behaviors) required by the as-is and to-be jobs. You can then identify and document any gaps that exist between the two. Part 2 uses a separate table for each individual job, where the to-be job’s competencies are listed in a column, broken out by skills, knowledge and behaviors. The competencies are taken from Part 2 of the Job Definitions. In another column, you need to list the comparable competencies for the as-is jobs. A final column allows you to list the gaps between the to-be and as-is competencies.

Where used

Operational and transformational change programs


One per job set, business unit or organization undergoing job changes

Job Gap Analysis template