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Skills Gap Analysis

he Skills Gap Analysis template documents the knowledge, skill and competency gaps that will need to be addressed for employees to conduct themselves in line with the new ways of working.

A good skills gap analysis will typically seek to describe the following gap dimensions:

  • Gap Type: individual vs business unit vs organization
  • Gap Scale: competencies that can be built from an existing foundation vs competencies that must be built from scratch
  • Gap Relevance: competencies which complement the change vs competencies which critically enable the change
  • Timing and dependency: urgent and interdependent competency gaps vs non urgent and dependent competency gaps


The Skills Gap Analysis is based on the Future Skills Requirements and Current Skills Assessmentdeliverables and serves as the foundation or key input for the Effective Performance Management, Effective Talent Management and Effective Training and Knowledge Management work-streams.

Where used

All change programs


One per change project

Skills Gap Analysis template