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Stakeholder Communication Survey

The Stakeholder Communication Survey provides a mechanism for measuring the effectiveness or otherwise of the change communication messages.  

The questions here includes are illustrative – the survey will need to be tailored to size and scope of any given change program – and include the following assessment criteria:

  • Information sufficiency
  • Communication clarity
  • Message consistency
  • Messenger credibility
  • Organizational alignment
  • Individual alignment
  • Channels
  • Timing
  • Feedback


Use the 1-5 scale to indicate the degree to which each state does or does not apply to your organization and change program.  A well-executed survey can be used to identify opportunities to improve communication and commitment amongst key stakeholder groups. 

Key insights should also feed into management information processes to enable better and more informed decisions in the broader change and project streams as well as business as usual.

Where used

All change programs


Multiple per change project

Stakeholder Communication Survey template