Coaching Distinctions

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The Coaching Distinctions tool is a useful resource that outlines ket aspects of coaching in the context of change programs.  The guide summarizes:

  • what coaching is, why it has become a common organization intervention tool and how it works
  • the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • table of change manager coaching and mentoring roles
  • different dimensions of coaching: by organization level, functional area of purpose and coaching service provider

It serves as a personal primer for change leaders who are looking to refine their coaching skills, or as a general primer when introducing a coaching element into a change program.

By using this tool during the Support Change Leaders process under the Visible Change Leadership change management best practice area, change leaders can improve their ability to support team members, promote the change initiative and achieve desired outcomes.

Best Practice Area

Process Area

Coaching Distinctions tool for change management

Coaching Distinctions tool

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