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Stakeholder Communication Strategy

This Stakeholder Communications Strategy forms part of the wider change management initiative designed to enable and support stakeholders adapting the changes brought about by the change program.  

This document addresses the following key elements of the program communication:

  • Who: identify the audiences impacted by the change 
  • How: identify the channels of communication appropriate to each audience
  • By Whom: identify who is responsible for communicating with each audience
  • What:  determine the key messages we want to communicate to each audience


This document should be read in conjunction with the Stakeholder Communication Plan which is operational instrument that brings this strategy to life – providing the execution playbook with a detailed breakdown of who, how, what, where and when communications will take place.

The purpose of both documents – the Stakeholder Communication Strategy and Stakeholder Communication Plan – is to ensure that the right communications and feedback is in place at the right time, for the right people, with the messages and conveyed in the right way.

Where used

All change programs


One per change project (adjusted as new circumstances and change impacts come to light)

Stakeholder Communication Strategy template