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Training and Knowledge Needs Analysis

The Training and Knowledge Needs Analysis deliverable identifies and prioritizes the training and knowledge management requirements for employees to adapt to the new ways of working.  

It describes the following:

  • process areas that are changing
  • stakeholders impacted by each change
  • priority ranking
  • knowledge and skill requirements


Complete the training needs analysis in order to:

  • Ensure employees avoid spending time on unnecessary training that does not add value
  • Support employees in understanding how their role fits into the wider change effort
  • Describe the training and knowledge interventions required to support employee successfully perform in the future state


Use the deliverables from the Define Future State and Knowledge and Skill Assessment processes as your primary input. 

The Training and Knowledge Needs Analysis provides key input into the Training and Knowledge Strategy and Training and Knowledge Plan

Where used

All change programs


One per change project

Training and Knowledge Needs Analysis template