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Communication Models

The Communication Models tool is a valuable resource that provides a variety of models and frameworks to help communication specialists, change practitioners and project leaders develop effective stakeholder communication strategies and messages.

It includes high-level guidelines for effective communication, an end-to-end communication process, a model for calibrating communication methods to the strategy as well as a visual overview of different communication strategies to consider.

Use this tool to complete the Stakeholder Communication Strategy and Stakeholder Communication Plan deliverables within the Stakeholder Communication process under the Smart Engagement and Communication best practice area.

It can also be used as helpful input whilst completing the Stakeholder Analysis deliverable.

The success of a change management program often hinges on the ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

By using the Communication Models tool, change leaders can ensure that they are approaching stakeholder communication in a thoughtful and strategic manner, increasing the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.

Communication Models tool