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Force Field Analysis for Change Management

A change strategy can be brilliantly conceived and planned but fail dramatically at the implementation stage because of resistance within the organization; being able to pin-point, plan for and mitigate the resistance to change is therefore a key element of change strategy, change leadership and stakeholder management.

Force Field Analysis for change management provides a useful tool for change leaders, change managers and change agents to thoroughly explore possible areas of resistance at any given stage in the change program. It helps evaluate the likely level of support for a proposed change program, identify areas of support and resistance and promote creative thinking about the best ways to deal with resistance.

Use this tool to construct a force field analysis, identify key areas of focus and brainstorm the best solutions to resistance.  

The output can be used as input into the Develop Change StrategyDevelop Change Leaders and Stakeholder Analysis processes.

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Forcefield Analysis for Change Management tool